Homemade, nutritious and loved by kids? That’s the winning trifecta for any parent when it comes to school lunches.

FeastBox makes it easy for you to provide nutritionally-balanced, healthy school lunches for your kids that are guaranteed to be eaten. Our delicious lunchboxes are designed and prepared by a qualified nutritionist and chef and delivered to your child’s school. It’s convenient, flexible and hassle-free for parents and a tasty, fun lunch for kids – once a week or just once in a while.

FeastBox teaches kids all about healthy eating and good food choices – one lunchbox at a time! Say goodbye to run-of-the-mill sandwiches that don’t get eaten, fruit that gets left in the bottom of the school bag and the (questionable) tuckshop pies… and hello to FeastBox!

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FeastBox adheres to the National Healthy School Canteens Guidelines and the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

You will find a range of delicious healthy and nutritious options to build your child’s FeastBox.

We currently deliver to Brunswick South West P.S. and we’re looking to expand to other schools in the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne.

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"I like that I get to choose my own lunch and my parents don't know what's coming! I like the little treats and healthy snacks."
Grade 2
"By the end of the week I'm ready to have a morning free of the lunchbox making frenzy!" I love the delicious options that FeastBox provides and the child-friendly website allows my children to choose whatever they want to eat."
mother of two Hungry Monkeys
FeastBox makes Friday even better, and that's pretty hard to do!
Aged 10
Today's FeastBox gets 100 thumbs up!
Aged 5
Every FeastBox gives me a new favourite food!
Aged 10
The broccoli pesto pasta salad is the best! I would have it every day if I could.
Aged 9
I love the berry muffins in my FeastBox. Mum tells me they are good for me, but I just think they are yummy.
Aged 6
I always look forward to Friday, its FeastBox day! I especially love the meatballs and the cacao bliss ball.
Aged 9
My child loved her FeastBox so much that she was inspired to cook the same thing for the family for dinner.
Angela, Brunswick
I love my FeastBox. I get so excited every Friday because it is always so yummy!
Isabella French
Aged 10