About Catherine Flower

Registered Nutritionist (Nutrition Society of Australia), Chef and mum of three

“As a mum to three young kids, I know what it’s like to send lunchboxes to school that come home uneaten or having to think of new ways to include (or hide!) vegies in their lunchbox. It can be tricky for the best of us!

With a background and passion for nutrition, I realised how hard it can be for families to create healthy, kid-friendly lunches. I wanted to use my experience to create nutritious and delicious recipes specifically for families and young children– and from there FeastBox was born.

My philosophy towards nutrition for children is one of balance.  A variety of wholesome, fresh foods are the foundation of my recipes. The more variety of foods that you present to children, the greater diversity of nutrients they will consume.

I don’t subscribe to fad diets or foods of the moment, just simple ingredients that you can readily buy at your local shops.”

Catherine Flower

About FeastBox

FeastBox was established in Melbourne, Australia by Catherine Flower. As a qualified nutritionist and mum of 3, Catherine knows the challenges of creating easy, healthy lunches that kids actually want to eat! FeastBox delivers homemade, nutritious and fun lunchboxes to schools, making life a little bit easier for parents while being super delicious for kids.

At FeastBox, we’ve brought lunch orders into the 21stcentury – there’s no need for small change for the tuckshop or not knowing what your kids are buying. Using our easy online ordering system, parents can ensure their children have a fresh, healthy lunch that includes foods they love and are good for them too.

Fresh food is the foundation of each FeastBox – we include each of the five food groups with a focus on nutrient-dense food. We make sure there’s the right balance of protein, carbohydrates, fruit, vegetables and dairy so that kids receive a variety of vitamins and minerals.  We avoid using processed ingredients and refined sugar where possible, instead using honey and fruits to add flavour and sweetness to our food. FeastBoxes are also free of nuts of any kind, preservatives, colours or flavours.


  • Developed and prepared by a nutritionist and chef
  • Balanced and nutritious (adhering to Australian Dietary Guidelines)
  • Fresh seasonal produce
  • Minimal processed ingredients and refined sugar
  • No colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Vegetarian options available
  • Allergy-friendly options

Easy for Parents

  • Simple online ordering
  • Know what your kids are eating
  • Online payments
  • Recurring orders


  • Produce used is local and seasonal, and free-range wherever possible
  • Pre-order system reduces food wastage
  • Minimal biodegradable packaging used to reduce waste
  • Used packaging and food waste will be collected for composting or recycling