Frequently asked questions

View our FAQs below. If you have a query that hasn’t been answered, contact us today.


What schools do you deliver to?

We currently deliver to Brunswick South West Primary School in Melbourne.


How do I get FeastBox at my school?

We are currently expanding to more schools in the inner suburbs of Melbourne. If you’d like FeastBox delivered to your school, please contact us and let us know.


What packaging do you use?

All lunchbox packaging, containers and cutlery are biodegradable and fully compostable, excluding PET plastic sauce lids which are recyclable only. FeastBox lunchboxes are made from reclaimed and rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp and can be safely added to the home compost bin, placed in your council green waste bin, or put in the recycling bin.  Please place the PET plastic sauce lid in your recycle bin.

How often does the menu change?

Our menus change every week. This allows us to use seasonal produce and keep our lunchboxes fresh and interesting for kids!

What’s the cut-off time for orders each week?

All orders need to be confirmed by 9am the day before delivery day. We will email you with confirmation of your order.

Do you cater for food allergies?

Yes. We have a range of allergy-friendly options and can cater for dairy, egg, fish, gluten, soy and sesame allergies. None of our products contain nuts of any kind. Please specify any allergies or dietary requirements in your child’s profile and we’ll only show you the menu options that suit your requirements.

We take all reasonable steps to eliminate cross-contamination, however we cannot guarantee there are no trace elements lingering through the supply chain or from our shared commercial space. We will offer a more extensive range of allergy-friendly options in the future and we would love to hear from you about how we can cater to your needs. Please contact us to discuss this further.

How do FeastBox meal credits work?

To receive lunches from FeastBox you need to purchase meal credits. If you have meal credits on your account, your children will automatically receive a lunchbox each week. You can, of course, view and modify the lunchbox contents for any week or even elect to skip a week. Meal credits are available in sizes to match your chosen lunchbox size for each child (Hungry Monkey or Peckish Parrot). Each meal that is delivered reduces your credit count by 1 – simple! Credits will be shared between children (same size box), and you can purchase more credits at any time.

How do I buy FeastBox meal credits?

Once you have created an account and a profile for your child/children, you can purchase meal credits to suit their lunchbox size.
Credits can be purchased as singles (“casual”) or as an 8-pack and are priced accordingly.

At the end of the school term, any unused lunchboxes will automatically roll-over to the next term. 8-packs are valid for use within 12 weeks of the date of purchase (not including school holidays). Any unused lunchboxes after the 12-week period will be forfeited.  Casual credits are valid for 6 months.

Skipping a week – how does that work?

You can elect to skip a lunchbox delivery for a child for any week. This is done child-by-child and can be done for the next upcoming delivery or any future week, allowing you to plan for any known absences. Similar to modifying the contents of a lunchbox, skipping a week needs to be done prior to the cut-off each week.

Can I suspend a regular order if I know my child will be away?

Yes. Simply login and elect to skip the weeks that you will be away (up to a maximum of 4 consecutive weeks).

My child is sick on the day they are to receive their FeastBox – what should I do?

If necessary, an order may be cancelled by calling or texting us on 0408 141 817 before 8am on the day of delivery.  Cancellations must occur before 8am. If an order (or part of an order) is cancelled prior to 8am we will provide a credit for the cancelled items. Any cancellations after 8am on the day will be non-refundable.

What is the difference between the two lunchbox sizes?

Both lunchbox sizes contain four items including a main, vegie snack, fruit snack and sweet treat.  Our Peckish Parrot box is designed with younger school children in mind with portion sizes to reflect this.  The Hungry Monkey box contains larger portion sizes of the main, vegie and fruit snacks.  The sweet treat is the same size in both lunchboxes, to be consistent with the recommended intake of sugar in the Australian Dietary guidelines.

Can I change any of the ingredients in a menu item if my child doesn’t like it?

We offer changes to menu items for vegetarians and allergy sufferers where specified. Unfortunately we are unable to remove individual ingredients from menu items. There are a variety of vegetables included in the main menu items, and individual ingredients are very often undetectable. We encourage children to try new foods, and as they grow their tastes change along the way. We know how hard it is to cater to fussy eaters, but if they try new foods, they might even like it!

What if my child has an excursion on a FeastBox delivery day?

Lunchboxes are delivered just prior to the first break so children receive the food as fresh as possible.  Please contact us if your excursion is leaving prior to this time and we can arrange to deliver your FeastBox before school begins.  

What happens when my 8-pack runs out?

You’ll receive an alert when you login that your 8-pack is close to running out.  You can purchase another 8-pack at any time and these will be credited to your account along with any remaining unused lunchboxes.  We’ll also send you an email to remind you to purchase another 8-pack before your current package runs out so your child/ren will never miss a FeastBox. 

What happens if I forget to put an order in?

Life gets busy, we know!  If you accidentally forget to confirm your order for any given week on a 8-pack plan, then we’ll automatically send a lunchbox that meets your child’s dietary and allergen requirements from your previously ordered items (where possible), so we know your child will love what they receive every time.

How long do I have to change my order?

You can change your order for any given week up until the cut-off time of 9am of the day before the order is delivered i.e. If your school has deliveries on a Friday, you can change your order up until 9am on Thursday that week.

I’m a parent and I want my own FeastBox.  How do I order this?

Don’t just let your kids have all the goodies!  You can now order a FeastBox for yourself and pick it up at the school gate.  Just create a profile for yourself, your spouse and any preschoolers you’d like to order for, and select the following options:

  • Box Size = Hungry Monkey (or Peckish Parrot for a preschooler)
  • School = BSWPS
  • Class = Not Applicable
  • Year level = Parent

Purchase your credits and save your menu selections, just like you already do for your school kids.

Meet us at the school gate between 8:45-9:00am on Friday morning to collect your FeastBox.  Our new packaging makes it safe to transport your FeastBox in your bag without any spills.  Alternatively, you can collect it from the school office from 10:45am.


My order didn’t arrive or was incorrect

Your school will be provided a list of orders for every scheduled day of delivery. Should an order be incorrect or missing, the school will be able to contact FeastBox immediately and we will provide the correct menu item or a suitable alternative (that adheres to dietary and allergen requirements) to be delivered within the hour.  

If the correct meal/item is supplied to the school within one hour of the error being notified, then no refund/credit will be due.

If FeastBox is unable to provide the exact item/meal ordered, we will contact you by phone to discuss a suitable alternative. If we are unable to speak with you immediately, to ensure that the child does not go hungry, we will supply an alternative that adheres to your child’s dietary and allergen requirements and communicate this to you by email.  If the replacement item is not to your satisfaction, please contact FeastBox to arrange a credit or refund on your account.

I am unhappy with my order, what should I do?

At FeastBox we take every incident reported to us very seriously. If you have a problem with a supplied order (that is not immediately dealt with), please contact FeastBox by 9pm on the same day as the order was delivered. We will investigate all concerns thoroughly and report back to you with the outcome. FeastBox will use its discretion to choose an appropriate response to the problem.

What happens if FeastBox run out of an item?

If we are unexpectedly unable to fulfill an order or an item for any reason, we will contact you by email or phone discuss a suitable replacement item.  If we are unable to speak with you immediately, to ensure that the child does not go hungry, we will supply an alternative that adheres to your child’s dietary and allergen requirements and communicate this to you by email.  If the replacement item is not to your satisfaction, please contact FeastBox to arrange a credit or refund on your account.